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What speaker measurement presets are available?

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Here is a list of the speakers that have been measured and are currently available. (We are always adding to the library of speakers.)

  1.  Acoustic Zen: Crescendo Speakers ($16,000/pair MSRP)
    a 7.1 configuration. Ribbon tweeters and dynamic mids and woofers.2.0
  2. Magico: Q3 Speakers ($39,000/pair)
    7.1 configuration.  They are made of aluminum instead of wood. Some think are the best sounding speakers in the world. These speakers are in a dealer’s showroom
  3. Genelec Recording Studio
    A high end recording studio with Genelec speakers in a 7.1 speaker configuration
  4. The Egyptian Theater
    This preset reproduces the sound as if you were sitting in the middle of the Egyptian Movie Theater in Los Angeles., California. This is a 5.1 speaker configuration.
  5. Home Theater
    A high end 7.1 home theater system in a private home
  6. Sonus Faber: Elipsa Speakers ($12,000/pair)
    Elipsa speakers in a dealer’s listening room. This is a 7.1 configuration.
  7. AIX Recording Studio
    This preset was made at the AIX Recording Studio in Los Angeles, California. AIX specializes in audiophile multi-channel recordings.
  8. Focal: Scala Utopian Speakers ($29,950/pair)
    They are a flagship, floor standing speaker. This is a 7.1 configuration.
  9. Wilson Audio: Sasha W/P ($29,000/pair)
    Amazing  floor standing dynamic speakers in a 2.0 channel configuration
  10. Prototype Ribbon Speakers
    Full range ribbon speakers. These are prototype speakers which are still in the experimental stage. 7.1 configuration
  11. Cello: Stradivari Premiere Speakers ($18,000/pair)
    Originally designed and built by Mark Levinson. 7.1 configuration
  12. Acapella: Spharon ($325,000/pair)
    They have two huge horns for the tweeter and mid range. The bass has four 15inch woofers per channel. The speakers are 7.5 feet tall and weigh 1,364 pounds each!
  13. Mi Casa Recording Studio
    This preset was recorded at the Mi Casa Multimedia recording studios in Los Angeles, CA.  This studio has Genelec speakers in a 7.1 configuration.
  14. Quad:ESL Speakers
    The legendary Quad ESL electrostatic panel speakers. This preset is 2.0 channels and is great for critical music listening.
  15. Magnepan: Mini Maggie Speakers
    This 2 channel preset has two small desktop electrostatic speakers known as “Mini Maggies” with a subwoofer to handle the low end.
  16. Revel: Ultima Studio Speakers
    a private home with a pair of Revel Ultima Studio speakers. 7.1 speaker configuration.
  17. Acoustic Zen: Adagio Speakers Experimental
    Prototype speakers based on the Acoustic Zen Adagio Jr. speakers, but they are MUCH better. 7.1 speaker configuration.
  18. Marten: Coltrane Momento Speakers ($165,000/pair)
    Dynamic spakers with wood and carbon fiber body. It has four 9-inch ceramic woofers, four 9-inch passive radiators and one 7-inch ceramic midrange driver and a 1-inch diamond tweeter.
  19. Acapella: Triolon Excalibur MK V Speakers ($175,000/pair)
    Two subwoofer towers, each with four 10-inch subwoofers, two 31-inch horns, two 19-inch horns, and ion tweeter. The speakers are 7 feet tall and weigh 880 pounds each! 7.1 channel configuration.
  20. Acoustic Zen Maestro Speakers ($43,000/pair)
    a 7.1 speaker configuration. Ribbon tweeters and dynamic mids and woofers. Their top of the line flagship speaker. ($36,000 pr.)
  21. Technicolor Studios
    This is a mixing room at Technicolor Studios in Hollywood. This is the sound the engineers hear when mixing some of your favorite movies. An incredible sounding room. This is a 5.1 configuration.
  22. Volti Audio Vittora Speakers ($25,000/pair)
    Amazing hi-efficiency horn speakers. Hand crafted wood construction. 7.1 configuration. Go to for more information.
  23. PBN Audio Sammy Speakers ($30,000/pair)
    From their “Innerchoic” line of speakers in a 7.1 configuration. Two 10” woofers; Dual 4” mid-range drivers; 1” ultra-low distortion dome tweeter. Go to for more information.

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