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Black Friday Weekend Sale Available Now! (Sale Ended)

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Black Friday Weekend Sale Available Now!(is over)

It’s that time of the year again…

This year, our Black Friday special is for 50% off all Out Of Your Head software!
This is first first time we’ve discounted speaker presets as well as the Out Of Your Head software.

If you want to hear our online demo, just put on your headphones and go to our online demo page.

Out Of Your Head lets you listen to music and movies on 2 to 8 speakers using ANY headphones!

AND this time, you will receive a license redemption code. This way you can take advantage of our Black Friday Sale but take as much time as you want to decide which presets you want to license.
Also, this way you can purchase anything and give it as a gift! It’s perfect for anyone who loves high end speakers but you don’t want to spend that kind of money on them. 😉

Here’s the discounts available:

  • Buy Out Of Your Head Gamer Preset for 50% off (only $12.50 USD.)
  • Buy Out Of Your Head (with 1 preset) for 50% off (only $75.00 USD.)
  • Buy Out Of Your Head and ALL the speaker presets for 56% off (only $299.00 USD)
  • Buy an Out Of Your Head speaker preset for 50% off (only $12.50 USD.)

Black Friday Sale Links:

Out Of Your Head Gamer Version for $12.50

Out Of Your Head License with One Preset for $75

Out Of Your Head License with All Presets for $299 

Out Of Your Head Speaker Preset for $12.50

*all sale items expire at midnight PST on Monday, 11/27/2017

2 Responses to “Black Friday Weekend Sale Available Now! (Sale Ended)”

  1. Stewart Smith Reply

    Just wondering, was there any announcement of this sale by email? I was pretty sure I had checked that I wanted notifications when I registered.

    • Darin Reply

      Hi Stewart, We tried to send the notice to everyone on our list, but our mail list software sometimes doesn’t send to everyone based on some algorithm to figure out the most likely people to receive and open the e-mail. We try to keep the e-mails to a minimum and perhaps our announcement either went to spam or you email address was inadvertently left out of the announcement.
      We recommend following us on Facebook or Twitter to make sure you don’t miss the next sale.

      Sorry about that.

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