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Do I have to have super expensive headphones for it to work?

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No, absolutely not. In fact Out Of Your Head will work with any headphones or ear buds, etc. However, the better the headphones, the more accurate the sound. But you still don’t have to spend a fortune. Along with the Out Of Your Head software, you can also purchase headphones for as little as $50 which will give you sound that is much better than any home theater system costing 100 times as much or more. You can buy the Koss PortaPro headphones when you bundle them with the Out Of Your Head software.

You can also get MUCH better sound by investing in an inexpensive USB DAC/amp. This device connects to the USB port of your computer and works as an alternate headphone jack. You plug your headphones into this little box and you will hear a dramatic difference in sound quality. You can purchase an HRT Microstreamer here.

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