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PRESS RELEASE – Darin Fong Audio Introduces “Out Of Your Head”

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November 2, 2013


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Darin Fong Audio Introduces “Out Of Your Head”

Game-Changing Advanced Audio Software That Replicates Listening to High-End Speakers Using Only Headphones


San Diego, CA, November 2, 2013– Darin Fong Audio introduces Out Of Your Head, advanced audio software that replicates the experience of listening to high-end speakers using only headphones. This advanced software, which works with all major media playback software and any set of headphones or ear buds, is a game-changer in the audio and video playback industry, as it does away completely with the need for high-end surround-sound home theater systems for the individual user.

Out Of Your Head allows the listener to listen to audio with the sound of different speakers and home theater systems with the affordability, privacy, and portability of just headphones. The sound is no longer inside your head, like conventional headphones—it comes from “out of your head,” as it does when you are listening to speakers and home theater systems.

Developed by audiovisual engineer and web design specialist Darin Fong, in San Diego, California, Out Of Your Head is a breakthrough in audio processing software for headphones. It allows the listener to experience their music or movie as if they were actually sitting in the room with the speakers that were measured—but without having to actually be there.

“Think of it as audio ‘virtual reality,’” says Fong. “If you close your eyes while listening to Out Of Your Head, you can ‘hear’ the exact location of each of the eight speakers in the room around you. You can even hear the sound reflecting off the walls. You can hear the difference between different models and brand of speakers. “

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Unlike traditional or existing “virtual surround-sound” processing and hardware that is currently available, Out Of Your Head does not simulate or create a virtual sound environment. Existing technologies do work to some extent in getting the sound sources out of your head, but they are far from accurate. Out Of Your Head plays back the sound exactly as you would hear it if you were actually sitting in the room with the speakers.

Created by an Audiophiles for Audiophiles

The idea of Out Of Your Head came to Fong came as a solution to the problem facing many audiophiles with limited space, time, and budgets: how to enjoy the sensation of high-end audio when you’re the working father of a young family without money to burn?

“Once I had kids, high-end audio moved VERY far down on the priority list,” says Fong. “I still loved listening to high-end audio and home theater, but I had neither the resources or the time or opportunity to listen to music. With kids in the house, there was no place to even set up hi-fi gear. There was no time to listen to music or watch movies without waking the kids or my wife. It was really impossible.”

Fong finally realized headphones might be the answer to the problem of being able to listen to music or watch movies late at night without disturbing anyone in the house. So was born the idea of Out Of Your Head software: Fong wanted to find a way to reproduce the sound he was used to hearing from speakers and home theater in headphones. If he could do that, he and other audiophiles could have the best of both worlds: The convenience of headphone listening AND the sound of speakers.

Drawing on his decades of professional experience, which includes video engineering, computer systems engineering, vector-based drawing software, 3D animation systems, compositing and special effects systems, web-based graphics, and web page programming, and after lots of research on the Internet and countless trial of different algorithms, Fong finally was able to create a working prototype that sounded exactly like the speakers he had measured, but reproduced in headphones.

Selected Features

Out Of Your Head works with any pair of existing headphones or ear buds, with no additional hardware, special headphones, or amplifiers required. It works with all existing music and movies. No special encoding or pre-rendering is required.  All processing is done in real-time. It’s ideal for condos or apartments with no space to install a home theater system, and late-night listening without disturbing anyone. It offers the experience of listening to high-end speakers when traveling, in a hotel room, by the pool, on the beach, etc.

Out Of Your Head is compatible with all the major media playback software, including iTunes, Windows Media Player, VLC, and JRiver Media Center. It allows the listener to listen to different high-end brands and models of speakers without buying them, or watch a movie in full 7.1 surround sound with just a laptop and headphones.

For more details, please see the attached Fact Sheet.

System Requirements:

Out Of Your Head is currently available for Windows 7, 8, or higher, and requires 64-bit operating systems. It can be used with any headphones or ear buds. It will soon be available for Mac OS X, iOS, and Android.

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Download the Out Of Your Head Fact Sheet (.pdf file)

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