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Out Of Your Head Review on the Positive Feedback Website

2 Responses to “Out Of Your Head Review on the Positive Feedback Website”

  1. Christian Reply

    Hi Darin, I am really intrigued by the demos and am interested in your product. However I am iOS centric. Do you have an ETA for iOS support?

    Regarding iOS support, will this be “global” audio out support, or will it only support certain applications? I hope the former so “any” audio output from any application will be supported.

    • Darin Reply

      Hi Christian, Sorry about the delayed reply to your comment. There is no way to support “global” audio on iOS currently. Apple does not allow audio to be sent between apps. However, we are working on some possible solutions without having to write a separate Out Of Your Head media player app. But even with some possible solutions, not all apps will work. We will see once we have a workaround to test.

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