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Out Of Your Head: Reason 002 – I don’t like headphones, and I love listening to speakers

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OK, onward to reason #2: “I don’t like headphones, and I love listening to speakers”:

I know a lot of people who really enjoy listening to speakers and have invested small fortunes into their listening systems. However, very few of them listen to headphones much, if at all. Basically, the sound from headphones is just drastically different from the sound from speakers. Speakers can give you exceptional imaging and much closer to the experience of a live performance.

Headphone sound is unnatural since the sound is going directly into each ear and the “image” is just that all the instruments and music is inside your head. For most people, having all the sound inside your head and almost no imaging is not enjoyable.

But when I have demoed the Out Of Your Head software to these audiophiles, all of a sudden, “headphone” listening with Out Of Your Head has none of the problems associated with traditional headphone listening. Once they hear Out Of Your Head, they begin to realize the possibilities that open up to them. They immediately begin to think, “Wow, with Out Of Your Head, now I can listen to music any time of the day. I don’t have to worry about disturbing the neighbors or disturbing my spouse or worry about what time of day it is.”

Then they realize that with just their laptop and headphones, they can “take” their mega buck speakers and amplifiers with them on trips, to the office, etc.

You can see the “wheels” turning in their head…

More discussion about Out Of Your Head and audiophiles in a future article.


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