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Out Of Your Head: Reason 001 – The easiest way to have a home theater system

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I will be writing a series of articles outlining and discussing different reasons why people are buying Out Of Your Head. (These reasons are in no particular order…)

Welcome to reason #1: The easiest way to have a home theater system

For many people, there are many reasons why they don’t have a home theater speaker system. Sure there are some that don’t want a home theater system. But for most people once they hear a well built home theater installation, they realize why they would want to watch a  movie with a home theater speaker system.

For others who already know the benefit that a good surround sound system can offer, they still may not have a home theater system in their house. There are many reasons:

  • financial – it just costs too much money to set up a good sounding home theater system
  • space – many people just don’t have the room to setup 8 speakers in their living room. Of course people living in condos, apartments, dormitories, etc, most likely don’t have enough space.
  • neighbors – often a home theater system cannot be used even if they had one since it may disturb their neighbors in a condo or apartment building
  • kids – listening to a loud home theater system maybe be too disruptive with kids around especially if they are napping or sleeping when you want to watch a movie
  • decor – quite often people just don’t want a bunch of big speakers in their living room

As you can see the list goes on and on…

But now with Out Of Your Head, you can have a truly high end home theater system that is a solution for all the people who don’t have a home theater system because of the reasons above.

Even if you have to buy headphones, a DAC, a headphone amp, and Out Of Your Head software, the cost for a great sounding system is still MUCH less that the cost of buying and installing a conventional home theater system. Within a matter of days, you can be enjoying high end home theater sound anywhere. You can order a “bundled” system on our store here.

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