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Out Of Your Head Licenses Explained

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What is the deal with the crazy steps just to buy a software license?

OK, I know it’s complicated and a pain, but let me explain and hopefully it will make more sense to you.

First, early on, I was told by everyone that copy protecting software was impossible. If someone wants it bad enough, they will “hack” or “crack” it. Some people even predicted that my software would be cracked within days of releasing the software. Well, that has yet to be seen…

But I still need to have my software somewhat secure, so we spent a LOT of time figuring out a better (more secure) method of copy protection. But the downside is that it makes it slightly less user friendly for everyone. Just like anything that requires security, it can be a pain (like taking off your shoes at the airport), but in the long run, I think it’s worth it for me.

OK, so here’s the deal:

Out Of Your Head software licensing is tied to your e-mail and a unique “fingerprint” of your computer system. So the licenses will only work on a computer with the same fingerprint that was used to purchase the license. Yes, that means you do have to buy a separate speaker preset license for every computer you want to use it on. YOU DON’T have to buy multiple Out Of Your Head software licenses.  But since the speaker presets are relatively inexpensive, I think that’s fair that there is a nominal cost to use the software on multiple computers. This also prevents people from “sharing” software with their friends and family. 

So when you go to buy a license, how do we know your computer’s fingerprint? When you right-click on a speaker preset in the Out Of Your Head software control panel, a window opens that has at the top something called a “UUID”. That long sequence of numbers and letters is your computer’s “fingerprint”. When you enter your e-mail address and go to our online store, the UUID is sent to the store along with your e-mail address. SO from that point on, your e-mail address is associated with your computer’s UUID. Then when you buy a license, the store will know which UUID to use when it generates your license file. That is why you must always initiate any purchases from the Out Of Your Head control panel interface. That is the only way we can know your UUID.

I hope some of this is making sense. It’s OK if it’s not, but just remember to always initiate a purchase from the Out Of Your Head Control Panel and you should be fine.

About the first time purchase:

For Out Of Your Head you have to buy a license to use the app AND a license to use the speaker preset. You can’t just buy a speaker preset and not have purchased a license for the Out Of Your Head app.

So the cost of the Out Of Your Head app is $149.00. This price includes one speaker preset of your choice. You MUST purchase an Out Of Your Head license with a preset in order to license your first preset.

So to buy a license, you have to double-click on a speaker preset in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel. (Remember we still have to know your UUID. You can’t just go straight to the store.)

Sorry if none of this makes sense, but if you need any help, just e-mail us and we can explain the process.

It’s not my fault. Blame on the hackers!

2 Responses to “Out Of Your Head Licenses Explained”

  1. Erich Swafford Reply

    You can get Razer’s Surround Pro software for $20. For gaming purposes, this works 90% as well as your software.

    I’d pay still happily $40 for this software for the gaming potential (I think yours is the best). You’d probably get a *lot* more sales that way. I think the audiophiles (for whom $150 isn’t a big deal) will turn their their noses up at this, and the gamers/casual users are *never* going to pay $150 for it.

    Not sure what your sales have been, but I just don’t see this product succeeding at this price point, for what it is. Like I said, for gaming, the Razer Surround software is very nearly as good. For $20.

    • Darin Reply

      Hi Erich,
      Thanks for posting.
      I guess I should make it more obvious, but we have a Gamer Version of Out Of Your Head that is only $24.95. The difference with the Gamer Version is that you do not have a choice of all the different speaker presets. The Gamer Version is a fixed preset designed to give you the full 7.1 speaker listening experience using any headphones. We assume that gamers would want a lower cost option and not care as much about the different brands of speakers.

      To purchase the Gamer Version, just download and install the trial version of Out Of Your Head.
      Then you can double click on the first preset in the Out Of Your Head Control Panel.
      Enter your e-mail address in the Purchase License window and hit OK.
      Once at our website, create an account using the SAME e-mail address you just typed in.
      Then add the Gamer Version to your cart and complete the checkout process.

      You will receive a license file via e-mail a few seconds after you complete the checkout process.

      Please e-mail us if you have any questions,

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