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Out Of Your Head Featured by Tyll Hertsens on

We recently exhibited at The Home Entertainment Show Newport 2014. At the show, the one and only Tyll Hertsens stopped by the booth and sat down for a quick demo of Out Of Your Head software. It was honor just to give Tyll a demo. For those of you who are headphone aficionados, I am sure you all know who Tyll Hertsens is, but for those of you who don’t know, Tyll is one of the most well known, well respected reviewers in the headphone community.  He is arguably a “rock star” in the headphone world.

Shortly after the demo, Tyll took off the headphones and said, “Wow, this (software) actually sounds pretty good.” He also followed up with the qualification that he never says that!

To my surprise, he then pulled out his camera and shot a photo and then proceeded to do a video interview right on the spot! I was so surprised and nervous about doing an impromptu interview.

Tyll was gracious enough to write an article and post the video on his site,

Here’s the link to the post on his website: article about Out Of Your Head

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